As we navigate uncharted waters on the pandemic front, John J. Miller, MD, shares his thought about this important topic and what he is both professionally and personally. Dr Miller is is Medical Director, Brain Health, Exeter, NH; Editor in Chief, Psychiatric Times; Staff Psychiatrist, Seacoast Mental Health Center, Exeter, NH; Consulting Psychiatrist, Exeter Hospital, Exeter, NH; and Consulting Psychiatrist, Insight Meditation Society, Barre, MA. He is Editor in Chief of Psychiatric Times.

Heidi Anne Duerr, MPH (HAD): What are you doing differently during this pandemic both professionally and personally?

John J. Miller, MD (JJM): On the personal front, I’m doing what we all have been encouraged to do, which is basically staying at home. I did I work Monday at our clinic, which is right in the town I live, and I worked all day. A little over half of my scheduled patients showed up but, from that point forward and virtually on a daily basis, we are continuing to modify clinic policies to minimize risk and maximize safety for everybody.
Professionally, one of the big things for us was the canceling of the annual American Psychiatric Association Meeting.

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